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Independent Contemporary Art Space

Established 2018.

Galeria e Bregdetit - Qendra per Peisazhe ne Ndryshim (En: Gallery of the Coast - Center for Changing Landscapes) is a seasonal contemporary exhibition space which runs its program during the tourist season of the Albanian Riviera in the coastal south of the country. The gallery aims to use contemporary art and research-based projects to investigate the invisible links that are shaping and transforming the territory; and the socio-political status-quo which inhabits it.

The gallery was established in 2018 in Radhima – a remote location in the Albanian seaside – following a long study period between the two founders. Seeking to challenge the narrative of this territory as a one-dimensional tourist hot-spot by creating a platform for artistic investigation and promotion, over the last 5 years the gallery has established itself as a prominent voice in the budding contemporary art ecosystem of the country, creating a distinctive voice which proudly represents the south of Albania in the international art scene.

The gallery/center has several long lines of research, such ARTiLERIA Sazan, which aims to use cultural planning in the rehabilitation of the abandoned island of Sazan; South by the Sea, a yearly showcase of southern voices in contemporary art and music; and the Off Season Artist Residency which brings contemporary artists to the seaside when the tourism pressure is turned off.